Better Than Hallmark. Discover How to Melt Your Mom's Heart This Mother's Day

Love Legacy values mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and all of the important women in your life. This mother’s day, we want to help you give those women more than just a nice card. We want you to melt their hearts. The guide offers 20 prompts to help you write (or type, although handwritten notes are a beautiful thing) a letter this Mother’s Day.



Hallmark is great but this is a way to personally connect with your mom through your words, memories and stories.


Your mom would love to hear how much she means to you. Take some time this year to tell her why she is so special to you.


This is not just limit to your mom. Use this guide to connect to all of the important women in your life. Take time to share with then and make their day!

Here's What You'll Get

You will receive a writing guide with prompts and ideas. You will also receive matching paper that you can print off to write your notes if you choose. The writing guide can be used to write as many letters as you choose.

You love your mom (aunt, sister, special woman in your life). We want to give you the tools to help you tell her exactly what she means to you. What are those prompts? How will we help? Here are three of the prompts from our guide to help give you an idea of what the guide is.

1. When I was a child, you helped me learn...

2. I am _____________ because of the time that you showed me...

3. I love that you....

These are just three of the things to help you get started in telling your mom why she is extra special to you and the best mom ever.

Be Better Than Hallmark. Melt Your Mom's Heart Today!


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