#12 Being Present in the Presence of the Moment

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2018

It is so easy to NOT be present of the present moment.  Have you ever been driving and you just realized you do not even remember passing a certain street or a business?  Maybe you thought you were listening to someone until they asked you a question and then you realize you don’t even remember what they were talking about because your mind was somewhere else. That is what I mean when I say that it is easy to not be present.

Let me share a story with you that has left an impact on me.  My three year old grandson and I were playing and doing puzzles one afternoon. It was a lot of fun. He got tired of that he decided he wanted “us” to sit together on the couch. We turned on something to watch on Netflix when he asked me to sit right next to him.  Fortunately, I listened and sat right next to him. He nestled close to me and I put my arm around him. Several times he would look up at me and just have this sweet smile of enjoying the moment together....

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Dear Seventy-something and beyond, Post #11

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2018

My daddy is 90 Years old. I feel like I am just starting to get to know him. How did this happen? I made a photo book about his life. I learned so much!!! 

Taking time to listen to my dad share his stories from his past has enriched my understanding not only of who he is and why he does things the way he does, but it has helped me understand myself better!  It was fascinating to learn of his intense work ethic at such a young age, no wonder my dad worked so many hours in every day. Little did I know that at eight years old he began working on the family farm.  His sharp memory of people, places and events are a gift to me as we continue to make our next memory book for our family on all the places he went with work! I’m reminded of Dr. Seuss….Oh The Places To Go….well just think about all the places you have gone by the time you reach age 70+!

"To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old." Oliver...

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Dear Sixty-somethings, Post #10

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2018

Dear Sixty-something

Do you  believe that your sixties could be the best decade of your life?  I do! I just spent a week in Florida with a good friend who told me that her 60s were some of her favorite years. One of the joys of getting older is the increased level of confidence you have gained.  You are less bothered by what people think. Things that bothered you when you were younger don’t really matter as much to you anymore. Now I know why women aren’t so concerned about the most stylish shoes to wear, comfort becomes the most important concern, because it doesn’t matter as much to you.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to look stylish, but comfort has become a higher priority!

Life experiences often brings wisdom, and you become more in touch with what does or doesn’t bring you joy.  You begin to make time for those things that make you happy and make you feel worthwhile. There are many joys at sixty.  One of them is the joy...

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Forty-somethings Post #8

decades series Feb 20, 2018

(Beth continues her blog series addressing how to connect with your loved ones during different decades of life.)

Dear Forty-something

It can’t be!!! I can’t be 40 already??!!

I remember turning 40.  It wasn’t as big a deal for me as I thought. My forties encompassed a lot of memorable moments!  Lots of sporting events and watching our children excel in school.  Then the big day came for each of them to graduate from high school.  The college years happened. We learned to let our kids fly and live on their own.  But the big one for us was watching each one of our children marry the person of their dreams (yes, that is my family in the photo above)!  I can’t leave off becoming a grandparent for the first time either, now that’s a monumental moment!

Happy families are built memory by memory, story by story,  and gift by gift, throughout the seasons and years of our lives.  While in the forties, it is such a great...

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Thirty-somethings Post #7

decades series Feb 15, 2018

(Beth continues her blog series addressing how to connect with your loved ones during different decades of life.)


Dear Thirty-something,

You are feeling more confident, maybe more exhausted.  You may be just beginning your career, advancing or excelling in your career  or possibly switching your career. Your finding out how big the world is and at the same time how small it can seem.  You may take this time to travel or take your family on their first big vacation.  You may just be beginning to move into parenthood.  You may have saved enough money to get a bigger house and find your dream home. Life is feeling really good.

When I was in my early thirties, I began my own business.  I pursued and accomplished completing my insurance license and passed my security exams to get my Series 6 license. BB Investment began in an infant state.  Little did I ever dream that thirty three years later I would still be involved in the same career and...

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Twenty’s Questions

decades series Feb 07, 2018

(Today, Beth is starting a new blog series addressing how to connect with your loved ones during different decades of life.)


Dear Twenty-something,

For most twenty year olds life is good.  Life seems full of new discoveries at this age. You may be feeling your first time independence of living on your own.  You may have just completed college graduation and now you are entering a new field to master your new career.  You are gaining confidence, strength and excitement as you go out to conquer the world.

When I was in my twenties life looked completely different.  I faced my mom’s death when I was just twenty-one.  Our two daughters were born within that year and we began a new business venture.  My world was filled with grief, first time motherhood without my mom’s guidance, and learning to navigate a world that did not look like I thought it should.

Learning from someone else’s regrets is a beautiful way to save yourself from...

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life is short - #5

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2018

Does life seem to spin around faster as you age?  For me, I ask myself, “where did the time go? I can’t believe how fast the grandchildren are growing up and soon to be facing adult size concerns.”  Wasn’t it only yesterday I was holding them and reading stories to them?  How can I be going to the high school to watch my oldest grandson play basketball?  

Then I put into perspective that their grandpa Tim, my first husband, never experienced any of the first time grandparent events because at the young age of 48 he died…..life was short for him.  Life is an uncertainty, and yet we think we have all this time ahead of us to do the special things we would love to do “some day”.  Sometimes though “some days” never come because we find out the reality that life is short.

What are some things you have on your bucket list?  Where are some places you want to travel to?  Maybe there is something...

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Change - #4

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2018


So let me ask you, how do you feel about change?  What feelings get stirred up in your gut when you hear the word change?  Does it make you feel uncomfortable or resistant?

These past three weeks I have been involved in making some changes that have not been easy.  I am taking a twelve week internet class that is stretching and challenging me in ways I wasn’t expecting to be stretched and challenged!  What I am finding out, three weeks into the class, is how important stretching and being challenged is for me.  It has woken me in the middle of the night, where I would think...ponder….ask direct questions.  I have spent hours asking myself and God specific questions about what is it that the world needs from me that only I can give.  Part of these changes has involved changing the color scheme for my website, changing the fonts to make my look appealing and inviting and to connect with my personality.

When we stay in the same...

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#3 - Timing, When to Give and When to Keep

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2018

Today’s topic is timing….when to give and when to keep treasures, keepsakes, family heirlooms and all the “stuff” that we accumulate over time.  This is a challenge for me because I find there can be a lot of emotion tied to “things”.  So we have to ask ourselves some serious but simple questions.

It helps to ask something as simple as “do I love this?”  Sometimes we don’t even “like” a particular item we’ve been holding onto, but we continue to keep this item because we feel guilty giving it away.  Two important reminders….you should release any guilt you have of letting go of something because you can still hold onto the memory but do you really need the item around to remind you of this memory?  Then make sure you love what you have sitting around or have up on your walls, or in your closets.  Many times you will find things you have held onto were more to please the...

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#2 - Discovering New Things

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2018

There is so much to discover as you live life.  Each new stage of life forces you to stretch yourself and figure out how to maneuver through.  Just think about your first experience at being a parent.  You certainly didn’t have that all figured out, you had to discover a lot of new things.

Discoveries are exciting.  Sometimes through discovering we learn a whole lot more about ourselves.  Recently, my dad was sharing with me pages from his journal that he had kept.  The pages were all yellowed with age but I was shocked that my dad had journaled so much over the years.  It struck me so because I have been a journaler for years!!  I love to record my thoughts, events, emotions at particular times in my life.  I felt connected to my dad when I realized we had this common thread over the years.

Discovering and uncovering thoughts, ideas or information also can help us gain a new perspective.  Recently, my daughter shared with me...

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