love legacy

Love Legacy provides  inspiration and direction to help loved ones connect with each other in meaningful, immediate and enduring ways. Life is short and we want you to take the opportunities to connect now. Ask the questions. Listen to the stories. Take that trip. Build your memories and preserve them for future generations. We want you to love the people you are surrounded by and connect with them now before it is too late.

ask the questions

Each one of us has a story, or two or three, to tell. Our loved ones have unique life experiences and memories that you need to know. Today is the day to ask the questions and listen to the stories that they have. We offer a free guide to help you get the conversation started.

I want the Conversation Starters!!

take the trip

Legacy is not just about preserving stories it is about creating them too. We miss opportunities because we are waiting for the perfect moment, or until the kids are older, or when we have more money. We encourage you to make those memories NOW!! Don't wait for the perfect moments, create memorable ones today.

love your legacy

Loving the people in your life is the most important thing. We want to help you learn to love while leaving a legacy. Follow Beth's blog for more practical tips on loving those around you.

10 Conversation Starters

10 Prompts to help you connect to those your love.

beth's blog

Follow Beth's blog about legacy here.


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