Love Legacy

Love Legacy provides a heartfelt and creative inspiration and direction to help you connect to your legacy. We want to help you learn to live every day with legacy in mind. We strive to help you leave a legacy for future generations. We want you to love the people you are surrounded by and the legacy that you leave them. 

Live Your Legacy

Every day is an opportunity to live your legacy with those who are most important to you. Live your legacy by being able to express your life through your life experiences and by finding your own unique style of communicating your story.

Leave Your Legacy

We help you to record not just important information for the what ifs of life, but the stories and experiences that mean the most to you. We help you preserve your stories for generations who may never personally know you.

Love Your Legacy

Loving the people in your life is the most important thing. We want to help you learn to love while leaving a legacy.

12 Days of Christmas Legacy

Fun, simple and meaningful ideas that will help you build relationships while leaving a legacy.

Our Books

Purchase Love Legacy Letter and Love Legacy Ledger to help plan for the "what ifs" of life.

Beth's Blog

Follow Beth's blog about legacy here.


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